Pulse odometer rolling forward device

There are situations when you need preroll speedometer, if you have a car until 2005 model year. The situation with the retrieve speedometer often happens in companies where the driver to offset the cost of fuel and lubricants, but, unfortunately, the employer may not always correctly calculate the necessary amount of fuel based on the indicators speedometer. It's no secret that a lot of traffic jams spent fuel and, therefore, requires winding speedometer.

Advanced motorists are questions like "preroll speedometer" solve with the help of special devices. The essence of such a device (for reeling speedometer generator) is that it generates a pulse rate sensor, thereby increasing mileage.

Twister speedometer or generators run, thanks to its technologies allow wind mileage, even when the vehicle is just standing still. Just a couple of hours you can cheat mileage of 500 kilometers.

Retake the speedometer needs fixing. However, keep in mind that improper installation and substandard products may affect the performance of the other car electronics, up to the withdrawal of its failure. To avoid unexpected unpleasant situations, it is important to preroll speedometer (generator winding speedometer) were purchased from reliable companies that have a good reputation and guarantee the quality of their parting. And, of course, it is important to carefully follow the rules of the connection of these devices.

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Pulse odometer rolling forward device!


Buy an odometer rolling forward device – ODOplus! This device for winding speedometer in size and appearance is similar to a car charger. Device for winding speedometer connects to the cigarette lighter, the wire is coming from the device must be connected to the pulse wire.


CAN odometer rolling forward device!


Buy an odometer rollup device with unlimited mileage – ODOplus! The most up-to-date tool to roll forward odometer’s mileage! There is no mileage limit! The device can be reprogrammed for other automobile brand. Odometer roll over tool is suitable for joint use.

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