Tips on Rolling back/forward Odometer

It is well-known that rolling over or back odometer can be carried out in different ways: on your own, with professional assistance and with a rolling over/back device. You may carry out mileage correction on your own only in case you know precisely the principle of operation of a tool that is responsible for measuring and recording mileage. Usually, without assistance you can correct mileage of automobiles with mechanical speedometer. In case you prefer to get professional assistance, apply only to qualified and experienced specialists. You may increase mileage or reduce mileage with a special device that is available in specialized shops. 

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Pulse odometer rolling forward device!


Buy an odometer rolling forward device – ODOplus! This device for winding speedometer in size and appearance is similar to a car charger. Device for winding speedometer connects to the cigarette lighter, the wire is coming from the device must be connected to the pulse wire.


CAN odometer rolling forward device!


Buy an odometer rollup device with unlimited mileage – ODOplus! The most up-to-date tool to roll forward odometer’s mileage! There is no mileage limit! The device can be reprogrammed for other automobile brand. Odometer roll over tool is suitable for joint use.

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