CAN odometer rolling forward device!

Winding forward tool for digital speedometer based on CAN represents the most up-to-date device for self-increasing odometer reading developed specifically for modern cars.

Odometer/speedometer correction tool operates through OBD2 connector in passenger compartment.

This CAN connector is installed in compartment by manufacturers to simplify automobile systems diagnostics.

Odometer correction tool is completely detachable and does not require mounting.

Mileage correction tool cannot be tested by dealers’ equipment and does not lead to car systems malfunction. You may go to a service station,or service interval in cold blood – any backup units won’t display discrepancy.

The device operates with speed up to 5,000 km/h and is compatible with both manual and automatic transmission. All automobile brands have their own speed.

An odometer correction tool’s mechanism is extremely simple: it imitates car’s movement; therefore, mileage correction happens.

For most of automobile models you need just to attach the odometer correction device to OBD2 connector, and the tool will start mileage recalibration up to the instrument readings you need.

Yes, it is indeed that easy!

Our company is always at your service to provide all the detailed information concerning the product – digital odometer correction tool – and its functionality.

If you are looking for a device to roll over odometer or wind over mileage, you are at the right place!

Purchase ODOplus and get 12-month guarantee and life-long maintenance.

In case you will change a car we will set a device to other automobile brand – our devices are replaceable.

You may select suitable payment and delivery options in the application form.

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Pulse odometer rolling forward device!


Buy an odometer rolling forward device – ODOplus! This device for winding speedometer in size and appearance is similar to a car charger. Device for winding speedometer connects to the cigarette lighter, the wire is coming from the device must be connected to the pulse wire.


CAN odometer rolling forward device!


Buy an odometer rollup device with unlimited mileage – ODOplus! The most up-to-date tool to roll forward odometer’s mileage! There is no mileage limit! The device can be reprogrammed for other automobile brand. Odometer roll over tool is suitable for joint use.

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