Types of speedometers and their correction

Speedometers are usually divided into the following types:

- Digital speedometers that receive information about speed and mileage in digital form. 

- Mechanical speedometers. Numbers on the meter panel are whirled by means of mechanical drive wire.

- Electro-mechanical speedometers powered by digital system and electric motor.

Some time ago when automobiles were equipped with mechanical measuring instruments, rolling forward mileage did not represent a problem. Nowadays the information concerning mileage is recorded in speedometer digital memory and duplicated in several automobile modules; therefore, you need a special device to correct it or assistance of an experienced and qualified professional.

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Buy an odometer rolling forward device – ODOplus! This device for winding speedometer in size and appearance is similar to a car charger. Device for winding speedometer connects to the cigarette lighter, the wire is coming from the device must be connected to the pulse wire.


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Buy an odometer rollup device with unlimited mileage – ODOplus! The most up-to-date tool to roll forward odometer’s mileage! There is no mileage limit! The device can be reprogrammed for other automobile brand. Odometer roll over tool is suitable for joint use.

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